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Amarseen Company

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Amarseen Company

Amarseen Company

For Engineering Services

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We started in 1980's as a small bureau … with Decore entitled, specialized in Decoration, then simultaneity with the development of the bureau, changed to a company with Amarseen entitled, taken from the name of Great Ashorian King Amarseen, who was famous of his Great Constructional Buildings.

Our Company is established to achieve the scientific and technical investment & presents various industrial services and Engineering Consultations (Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical) to ensure Best Investment for Factories, Machines and Materials in Design, Maintenance, Operating and Services.

Fields of activity:

  • Civil Works.
  • Decoration.
  • Implement Studios.
  • Supply and Install all types of Towers.
  • Manufacture and Install Caravans (Movable & Fixed)
  • Rehabilitate Water Pumping Stations.
  • Supply and Install High Voltage Generators.
  • Supply and Install Security Systems.
  • Supply and Install Internet and Telephone Exchanges.
  • Smithery and carpentry Works.

Company Groups:

The Company have specialist groups to implement its goals. These groups have very good experiences in different fields (Engineering, technical and administration) which includes:

Engineering Group:

This group contains excellent engineers in (Architectural, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Computer); its task is design and implement all our works.

Technical Group:

This group includes many specializations such as:

  • Civil Works.
  • Electrical and Electronic Works.
  • Aluminum and Glasses Works.
  • Smithery and Carpentry Works.
  • Decoration and Painting Works.
  • Sanitary Works.

Administrative Group:

This group consists of many specialists in (Administration, Accounting, Auditing, Secretary). This group is responsible of administrating all company projects.